The Most Expensive Luxury Hotel Rooms In The World


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It is a dream of everyone to spend at least one night in a super luxury hotel room. Some have the privilege to stay in a luxury hotel and for some it remains a distant dream. But there are certain luxury hotel rooms around the world that are just so much more unattainable to the common man or woman! These are the type of suites that you will see in Hollywood movies, where suave men and classy ladies swan around in suits and slinky silk dressing gowns. They drink expensive champagne from long fluted glasses and sleep on probably, pure silk or satin bedding – so we imagine!

Luxury Hotels
luxury hotel room

We know that the furnishings, décor and service are out of the world with a price per night to match the standard. These rooms are playground of the richest people around the world. Given below is a list of top three most priced luxury hotel rooms around the world and a short description of what facilities they offer. The luxury that these hotel rooms offer are really out of this world and not even something that can easily be imagined!

1.Hugh Hefner Sky Villa: located in the Fantasy Tower of the Palms Casino Resort in Los Angeles, this is the most expensive luxury hotel room priced at a whooping $40,000. Perhaps this is the reason for associating the room with the name of Hugh Hefner. The room has an eight foot high revolving bed with mirrored ceiling, a waterfall, sauna and a swimming pool projecting over the edge of the tower.

2. Ty Warner Penthouse: situated on the 52nd floor of the Four Seasons Hotel, New York, this penthouse is decorated with curtains woven with gold threads, onyx bathroom floors and a coffee table made with shark skin. Priced at $30,000 per night, this luxury hotel room comes with an around the clock butler and a masseuse. A Rolls Royce is also provided to the occupant as a part of the package, to drive around.

3. The Bridge Suite: priced at $25,000 per night, this suite sits on top of the bridge that connects the two royal towers of the Atlantis Hotel in Paradise Island. The room has a 10 foot long four poster bed and a butler is present at your service 24 hours. The royalty of this luxury hotel room lies in its 50 foot long personal bar lounge and entertainment center.

To stay in any of the above mentioned luxury hotel rooms  is perhaps a dream come true for anyone but not necessarily a dream that anyone can afford! In order to be able to afford a luxury hotel room such as these ones, a luxury income is an essential component that sadly, is probably out of reach for most of us.


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