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You travel a lot? You want to travel even more but can’t afford it?! Probably you need something to help your money take you a little farther?! Or something that helps you to get along with paying a lot extra for airline tickets, rent-a-car service and the hotels. Accommodation is the crucial thing of your trip and you should be smart about your choices. On this blog you’ll find some tips to save on hotels. Read this carefully:

– If planning a trip, why don’t you use the adventages of Hotel and Traveling. You can save money if you choose one of offered special package price.
If you choose your flight, hotel accommodation and car not as separately services than as the “package price” it will be reflected on your savings. Customizing the trip means the lover prices. You can save aproximate $50 up to $250. We are not joking. If you are sceptic try to book the flight and the hotel in desired destinations as separately.
After that choose one of special package on this site including airfares, accommodations and car rentals and you’ll see. Amazing isn’t it! You can spend your savings on some additional activities on your trip such as sightseeing, special dinner in restaurants, shopping or some other activities on your holidays.

– If you plan your trip for a while have on mind the longer you book in advance, you have more opportunities to get the discount rates especially in off the season period.
– If you need some additional information related to touristic destination you have choosen to visit, do not waist your time. Don’t forget “The Time is Money“! All informations releted to attractions, restaurants, hotels, up-to-date weather, health tips, as well as some general informations you can find in destinations guide.
– If you travel with your family or friends ensure to get more informations on group rates or family rates. Some hotels offer interesting options for multiple bookings. Most of them even have the exclusive offer such as to prolonge your stay for an additional day or two at no extra cost. One of the most important factors that have influence on increase or decrease of hotel rates is period you choose to travel. Well, you have to be very smart when you peak the period. Don’t forget that traveling during off the season can make you some savings.

– Do not let to be surprised once when you are already at the destinations. Before booking always ask about hotel special fees or any additional taxes or amenities like gym, spas and business center.
– Have on mind all the time, you have to ask if you want to know. Also, check the prices of hotel’s additional service before deceiding to use some of them. If it seems something that you sense is unfair, why not to inquire more detailed informations about that. Sometimes hotels authority offer some discounts on these service. It is all about maintaining the good will!
Maybe some of these tips are already known to you, but it is good to make refreshment time after time. Don’t forget any of mentioned tips can have influence on your savings! And why not to choose it!

Good luck and enjoy the trip!


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