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Tips For Holidaymakers in Tenerife Sep 18
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Bo Benfica; Travel, Tourism Master

Bo Benfica; Travel, Tourism Master

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Welcome to Tenerife Island You prefer to spend your holidays  by whiling away your days on the beaches or around the pools?! You prefer to spend your holidays nights by making a parties?! Than Tenerife is the right choice for your vacation.

Tenerife  has a reputation as a party island but, away from the busy coastal resorts, much of the island lives its life at a slower pace, unchanged for centuries and largely untouched by coastal developments. Having said that, there’s nothing Tinerfenos (native to Tenerife) like better than a party and there’s a fiesta somewhere on the island almost every week of the year. The microclimates on Tenerife enable you to move from snow to sunbathing in a half day journey, and the volcanic make-up of the land offers unrivalled drama in its scenery. more…