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Cheap Hotels in Aruba, the Perfect Place To Spend Your Holiday Mar 02

Aruba is a paradise island located in the Caribbean Sea. Geographically, it belongs to Lesser Antilles, and along with Curacao and St. Maarten is a part of the kingdom of the Netherlands. Caribbean islands are generally known as tropical paradise kind of places because of their white sandy beaches, crystal turquoise waters and perfect weather conditions that last almost the entire year; but what separates Aruba is the world-class hospitality that will spoil any visitor, whether they come just for the daily excursion or they decide to spend several days of their holiday – or all of it – in this beautiful and welcoming place.
For all the major cruise lines, Aruba is one of the places that South Caribbean shore excursions can’t go without.

Aruba the perfect place to spend your holiday

Cheap Hotels

Great place for spending holidays

Being such a great place for spending holidays, Aruba is obviously one of the most expensive exotic places in the world. But if you’re on a budget, you can find some great deals when it comes to choosing hotels or other kinds of accommodation if you wish to spend a few days there. Some of my favorite hotels in Aruba offer very reasonable pricing range for the kind of accommodation and services they provide.

Aruba Beach Villas

Aruba Beach Villas is the resort at Malmok Beach that allows you to book the different kinds of villas, according to the number of people in your party and, of course, the price. There are four types of villas to rent:
– non-ocean studio villas, with the bedding options that include twins and king size beds, and have the private entrances and the baths,
– ocean studio villas, with the outdoor patio where you can sit and enjoy the ocean view,
– one-bedroom villas, where the living area is separated from the bedroom,
– two bedroom villas, suitable for the groups of four or five people. These villas come with balcony that overlooks the water.
All villas include kitchenettes with automatic coffeemakers, refrigerators, electric stoves, dishes and different kinds of cooking utensils. Unfortunately, no pets are allowed. If your child is under eight, you will not have to pay for him or her. The nightly rates go from $78 to $338, depending on the sort of the accommodation and the season, and you will pay an extra $25 for every person extra.

Arubiana Rooms

Arubiana Inn is a cute little place with only 18 rooms decorated in the typical Caribbean style, with cheerful yellow and red color. This is a great place to stay if you’re on a family holiday, even though the rooms are with only two beds with the possibility to put in the third, but you can stay in this little inn even if you are on a not so official business trip, meaning you can use a wireless Internet connection, as well as fax and print service. The rooms are air-conditioned. This place is the perfect choice if you are not a fan of the overcrowded high-tech hotels. The prices here vary depending on the season, so if you’re going in the fall, you will have to pay $77.50 per person per night, and if you want to visit Aruba in the high season, count on a bit higher price of $102.50.

MVC Eagle Beach hotel is located on one of the most beautiful Aruba’s beaches. It is clean, cozy, and affordable; its 19 rooms are situated on two floors, and if you happen to book a room on the second floor, you will be able to enjoy the view overlooking the hotel’s garden and the ocean. The prices there go from $90-$180, and they recently came up with something called “worry free guarantee”, meaning they will waive all cancelation fees in case you need to cancel your booking at the last minute.

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